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The Strategic Management System
Today's advanced navigational systems monitor satellite signals to provide travelers with constant feedback on their location and progress toward their destination. Similarly, the STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SMS) keeps your company on its course to success. As your navigation system, the SMS monitors indicators that link everyday activities to long-term objectives, providing timely feedback regarding the organization's progress. This enables you to convert the plan into action and to constantly monitor and revise the plan as market dynamics change. The result? Your organization anticipates change, adapts readily, and capitalizes on new opportunities, becoming an organization of continual transformation.

As your organization implements the SMS, you develop techniques to track progress toward your strategic objectives. Your team learns to:
  • Develop both financial and non-financial indicators for success at all levels in the value-delivery process
  • Build and test hypotheses that provide quantitative explanations of the value-delivery process
  • Integrate the Strategic Management System into your corporate governance
  • Communicate financial and non-financial objectives and results to employees, owners, and, investors to enhance understanding and gain support
  • Use the Strategic Management System to balance short-term decision making with long-term objectives
Once your organization establishes its SMS, Argo Partners helps you align divisional, departmental and individual objectives with the corporate strategy. Ultimately, leaders measure the performance of each person by his or her contributions in moving the organization forward toward its shared dream. This process of organizational alignment allows your leadership team to evaluate successes and challenges more quickly, recognize the need for change more readily and redirect individual efforts more easily. Your organization becomes more agile, more accountable and more adaptable on its journey of continual transformation.