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The Platform for Change
Featuring programs and workshops specifically designed to help your executive team create a shared vision of success, the PLATFORM FOR CHANGE is the launching pad for your company’s journey of continual transformation. Through its focus on three elements: Players, Purpose and Plan, the PLATFORM FOR CHANGE makes it easy for your organization’s leaders to paint a picture of a new world and generate enthusiasm for the journey. The flexibility of these programs enables Argo Partners to design a PLATFORM FOR CHANGE solution perfectly customized for your organization.

PLATFORM FOR CHANGE programs help you:
  • Explore the specific ways you create value for your customers and how this enables you to fulfill your goals
  • Identify areas that are most critical for achieving your goals and those that dilute the organization’s resources
  • Expose opportunities for quick gains to build confidence, and determine improvement prospects that will yield the highest return
  • Use existing resources to align daily activities with strategic objectives to increase the rate of change
  • Communicate the plan throughout the organization to gain and maintain employee support, understanding, and unity